Press for The Quarter-Life Breakthrough


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The Washington Post: The career ladder to nowhere [June 12, 2014]

Fast Company CoExist: 4 Tips To Find Help Millennials Meaningful Work [April 16, 2014]

GOOD Magazine: How to Find Meaningful Work: Start With Asking the Right Questions [April 11, 2014]

Thought Catalog: 3 Cures For A Quarter-Life Crisis [April 8, 2014]

The Huffington Post: Should You Self-Publish Your First Book? [March 6, 2014]

GOOD Magazine: Quarter-Life Breakthroughs, Not Crises, For the Purpose Generation [July 21, 2013]

Fast Company:  6 Ways to Smash Your Creative Block and Launch Your Dream Project [co-authored, July 9, 2013]

Chronicle of Higher Education: Working Out the ‘Meaning’ of Meaningful Work [October 30, 2014]

Triple Pundit: Not Your Grandparent’s Workplace: What Makes Millennials Tick [October 9, 2014]

Under30CEO: Most Important Lessons From The Quarter-Life Breakthrough [April 8, 2014] 

75toGo: Millennials: What Does It Mean to Find “Meaningful Work”? [April, 2014]

The Culture-ist: The Quarter-Life Breakthrough: Millennials in Search of Meaningful Work [June 9, 2014]

General Assembly Blog: This Simple Exercise Will Help You Find Meaningful Work [June 27, 2014]

Thin Difference: Daring Millennial Leader: Adam “Smiley” Poswolsky [May 28, 2014]

Small Business Success Podcast with USA Today’s Steve Strauss: The Self-Employed: Millennial Desperation [June 27, 2014]

Transformation Nation Podcast with Alexi Panos: Finding Meaningful Work with Adam Smiley Poswolsky [April 22, 2014]

Indiegogo: Featured on the Indiegogo blog, homepage, and newsletter [July, 2013]

Jweekly: Talking with… A new voice for millennials: Adam “Smiley” Poswolsky [December 12, 2013]

Daily Candy: Ten Book Picks from San Francisco Insiders [February 10, 2014]

Passion Stories:  Interview with Adam ‘Smiley’ Poswolsky, Writer [March 17, 2014]

Souls of San Francisco Blog [April 7, 2014]

Project Otter: Elements of a quarter-life breakthrough [May 3, 2014]



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