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Love Always Remains

4 May

“There’s a place I’d like to go somewhere out west, it’s not specific, and the pictures show it best.  I know there’s trees I know there’s sand and I know there’s grass, I know it’s somewhere in the past.

There is a girl out there, who’s looking for it too, she’s not sure when she’ll go, or exactly what she’ll do.  If am I doomed, am I the first one or the last?  Am I just someone from the past?

No one has to hear, the sound of people laughing at their fears, and the ocean and sun are always there, to make you happy if you’re feeling scared of the darkness.”

MGMT, lyrics from Love Always Remains

Daily Smiley: May Day

1 May

“The country is in deep trouble. We’ve forgotten that a rich life consists fundamentally of serving others, trying to leave the world a little better than you found it. We need the courage to question the powers that be, the courage to be impatient with evil and patient with people, the courage to fight for social justice. In many instances we will be stepping out on nothing, and just hoping to land on something. But that’s the struggle. To live is to wrestle with despair, yet never allow despair to have the last word.”  

Dr. Cornel West, September 27, 2011. 

Happy May Day, everyone.  Let’s leave the world better than we found it.

Daily Smiley: Youth Is The Future

24 Apr

“Now that we’re getting somewhere, you know we’ve got to give back, for the youth is the future, no doubt that’s right and exact.  Squeeze the juice out, of all the suckers power, and pour some back out, so as to water the flowers.”  –Guru

Food First! Bay Area Ashoka Youth Venture. Click on photo to read more.

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