The Quarter-Life Breakthrough: Launch Day Highlights

9 Apr

QLB_launch day photo_Smiley Poswolsky

Yesterday was a very special day. Posts, tweets, texts, phone calls, and emails came pouring in from friends all around the world and from all parts of my life, dating back to elementary school. I truly could not be more grateful for your support. Launching a book is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but all of you made it FUN.


The Quarter-Life Breakthrough had a strong showing opening day on Amazon: 

#1 on Amazon Kindle for Job Hunting/Internships

#3 on Amazon Kindle for Job Hunting

#5 on Amazon Books for Job Hunting

Top 3,000 of Amazon Books overall, and was in the top 7,300 on Amazon Kindle. 

QLB_am_#1 internships

QLB_am 1-3-5

Amazon category rankings’ significance are definitely up for debate, and fluctuate by the hour (this morning the book is at #1, #4, and #8 in those categories, and dropped down to 11,000 in Kindle) and a lot of industry blogs seem to say the category rankings don’t matter (unless it’s the Amazon Top 100 or the New York Times/Wall St. Journal list– and even those lists are sometimes rigged by marketing companies who sell bulk pre-orders to corporate clients), but for a self-published author with a minuscule marketing budget who lives in a tiny bedroom in a apartment with five roommates and a mouse problem, this is definitely a reason to celebrate. I feel very proud of the Quarter-Life Breakthrough movement we’re building together, and I enjoyed a delicious pint of beer last night. Check out what else is happening during book launch week:


RSVP for a free Virtual Conference today (Wednesday, April 9, at 6pm Pacific) to learn how to have your own breakthrough.


Remember: if you buy the book during launch week, I’ll give you a FREE copy of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough Visual Workbook, featuring fun exercises from the book (see below for a sneak peak!). Designed by visual storyteller Whitney Flight, this colorful exercise book is the perfect companion to reading The Quarter-Life Breakthrough.

To get your FREE Workbook: Email me your Amazon receipt (or a screenshot of it) before Saturday, April 12 (, subject line: WORKBOOK). You can buy either the Paperback or Kindle; the Workbook is yours either way!

QLB Workbook screenshot for launch_Smiley Poswolsky


1. SHARE this post with friends, family, co-workers who need to read The Quarter-Life Breakthrough

2. SPREAD the word on Facebook and Twitter. Join our Thunderclap (only takes 5 seconds!) which will automatically send a post for you during launch week.

SAMPLE TWEET: The #QuarterLife Breakthrough! A must-read book about #millennials following their dreams.
3. RSVP for a free Virtual Conference (WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, at 6pm Pacific) to learn how to have your own breakthrough.

4. ATTEND speaking event or launch party near you. 

With gratitude,

-Smiley Poswolsky


Check out the Advance AcclaimPress, and Amazon Reviews

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